• Unity, C#
  • PC, Game
  • A 2 day GameJam with the theme being "The 80s"
  • 2 person dev-team
My Contributions:
  • The SynthWave made out of code LINK
  • Player and enemy logic
  • Input system LINK
  • Original bug from space invaders making everything faster the fewer enemies there are

Active Project. PRJCT_VLKR_PRFL


  • Unity, C#
  • PC, Game, Controller Support
  • A new view on the old PlayStation 1 Valkyrie Profile with an Active Battle System


Mythe Arachne

  • Unity, C#
  • WiiU, Game
  • A project based on a Greek Mythology
  • 4 Developers, 3 Artists
My Contributions:
  • Enemy Logic and mechanics LINK
  • Game UI LINK



  • Unity, C#
  • PC, FeatureTest
  • A small project on how to make hexagons using code in unity
  • Storing the values of the mesh's corners LINK
  • Spawning in the mesh's metrics by use of code LINK

About me

Hey there, so, you’ve come here to get to know a little more about me? Well the name is Ralph, surname: van Vlijmen.

What do I do and enjoy? Well Programming and programming games of course. But besides that, I enjoy diving into music and rolling around on my longboard or my skateboard in the park. Gaming is also a big hobby of mine.

Coding to me feels about the same as building something with Lego, you start out small adding more and more until you have something working that looks and works insane.
Mainly Program and make my projects in unity
Trying to learn Unreal bit by bit every now and then.
About Me


Unity gameplay developer

Ralph van Vlijmen